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Look Boho Chic

“Boho Chic” describes a style that includes flowy clothing, vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories, and natural-looking hair and makeup. The phrase became popular in 2002, when Australian journalist Laura Demasi used it to describe the eclectic gypsy look that was then in vogue.<ref></ref> Although it’s been over 10 years since Demasi’s article, Boho Chic is still a popular style.[[Category:Eco Youth Styles]]== Steps ===== Choosing Boho Chic Clothing ===#Choose clothing in natural tones and fabrics. When building your Boho Chic wardrobe, choose items made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, leather, suede, and fur.<ref></ref>[[Image:Look Boho Chic Step 1 Version 3.jpg|center]]#*You’ll also want to choose items in natural tones and colors — for example, white, beige, brown, earthy reds...

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Reader Approved How to Dress Well

1Do your hair. While every woman may have their own hair routine, some women may want to spend time deciding on a hairstyle. Maybe you have a go to hairstyle like a high ponytail or loose curls, or want to change it up and try a new hairstyle like a messy braid or straightened hair.[6]Whatever you decide to do, make sure you hair looks healthy, shiny and put together. Don’t forget to apply anti frizz product to your hair to prepare your hair for the humidity of a packed club and ensure you look good throughout the night. 2 Do your make up. Focus on enhancing the aspects of your look that you love, and bringing out your best features. But avoid...

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