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    Do your hair. While every woman may have their own hair routine, some women may want to spend time deciding on a hairstyle.
      • Maybe you have a go to hairstyle like a high ponytail or loose curls,
      • or want to change it up and try a new hairstyle like a messy braid or straightened hair.[6]Whatever you decide to do, make sure you hair looks healthy, shiny and put together.
      • Don’t forget to apply anti frizz product to your hair to prepare your hair for the humidity of a packed club and ensure you look good throughout the night.
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    Do your make up. Focus on enhancing the aspects of your look that you love, and bringing out your best features. But avoid putting on too much make up as this can hide your true beauty, rather than emphasize it.
    • Begin with foundation and concealer. Depending on how much foundation you usually use, decide if you want to apply a bit more on for your night out, and dab concealer on anything on your face you want to cover up or mask. Blush and bronzer are also a great way to add some depth and color once you’ve applied your foundation.[7]
    • Next, focus on your eyes. Decide if you’re going for a certain look, like cat eye or smoky eye, or if you’re more into a natural, simple look with minimal eyeliner and mascara. Don’t forget to apply waterproof mascara so you don’t end up with makeup on your face while you’re dancing with your girls.[8]
    • There are several eye makeup tutorials online for almost any look you can think of.[9]
    • Move on to your lips. Choose a bold shade if you kept your eye make up simple or go for a more subtle shade if your eye makeup is already bold or bright. Use lip liner or a lip pencil to keep your lipstick in place, or opt for a shiny lip gloss.[10]
    • Though it may be tempting to match your makeup with the rest of your outfit, this can end up looking too matchy matchy and tacky. When in doubt, go a makeup look that compliments, rather than matches, your outfit.
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    Choose an outfit based on the dress code of the club. If you are going to a venue that is known for its cool downtown crowd, skip the business suit and very formal get up. But if you’re going to a venue known for a more upscale crowd, maybe a more dressy outfit is a good idea.[11]
    • Tailor your look to the venue, as this will ensure the doorman lets you in and you feel confident walking into the venue.
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    Don’t be afraid to show off your assets. Think about the parts of the body you like or feel proud of and don’t mind showing off. Choose an outfit based on the parts of your body you aren’t afraid to flaunt and show some skin based on your comfort level. Remember ladies, you are dressing for yourself, before anyone else.[12] Outfit ideas include:[13]
    • A crop top or blouse and a skirt
    • A form fitting dress
    • A pair of nice dress pants and a dressy top
    • Jeans can be uncomfortable if you tend to sweat in the club, so avoid them.[14]
    • If you have a hard time walking in sky high heels, wear your favorite pair of heeled boots or low heels instead. As well, it’s best to avoid running shoes as they usually aren’t considered formal enough for entry into most clubs.[15]
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    Add some accessories to personalize your look. Keep your looks classy with a pair of hoops or silver studs, or a statement necklace. Try to avoid layering on too many necklaces or bracelets as this can make your outfit look like more of a costume.[16]
  6. 6
    Carry a small bag. Most clubs tend to be crowded and packed, so avoid bringing a gigantic bag full of all your makeup, shoes, etc. Instead, go for a small purse that can fit your wallet, phone and lipstick or gloss.
  7. 7
    Choose a light coat to avoid coat check. Depending on your climate, this can be a challenge, as you don't want to have to stand in the dreaded coat check line, but you also don't want to freeze your butt off. If you live in a warmer climate, this won't be an issue. But if you live in a colder climate, go for a leather jacket you won't sweat too much in or layer up your coat with a thin sweater.
    • You can also get creative and choose an outfit that will keep you warm, but also ensure you look good, also known as "sexy winter clubwear".[17]

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